Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats Connect your Heating System to the Internet

    • Hive (Part of British Gas)

      Typical cost: £160 approx

      Key Features: Multi-zone, hot water control, geolocation, temperature notifications, weather forecasts, frost protection and holiday mode.

      Extra Info: Hive also gives you historical information on temperatures inside and outside your home.

    • Nest (Part of Google)

      Typical cost: £180 approx

      Key Features: Learns your habits, multi-zone, hot water control, geolocation, frost protection and holiday mode.

      Extra Info: Nest also says it can help you save on heating by using a green leaf symbol that pops up when you adjust your thermostat to an energy-efficient temperature.

    • Bosch Easy Control

      Typical cost: £200 approx

      Key Features: Multi-zone, advance presence detection, glass touchscreen, quick ambient light guide

      Extra Info: 2 colours to choose from, easy to use interface, slim and stylish design.

    • Tado

      Typical cost: £125 approx

      Key Features: Multi-zone, hot water control, geolocation, open window detection, weather forecasts, frost protection and holiday mode.

      Extra Info: Tado also gives you estimated savings from using its thermostat – based on the number of hours you’d be heating your home without it.

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