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We are the first choice specialist in Boiler Repairs & New Boiler Installations for Homes and Businesses in Surrey & South-West London

  • How it works

    Getting started with boilerPRO is as simple as 1,2 3!

    • Step 1
      Reach out to our team

      Book your repair, installation or survey using on onsite forms, live chat or calling our team on 0800 810 1112

    • Step 2
      Await our visit

      Our professional team of engineers will be at your property to survey and in most cases, get started with the work.

    • Step 3
      Relax and enjoy!

      Whether its a new install or just a fix – we’ll leave your property with high performing heat and hot water.

  • We provide a range of services like ...
    • Boiler Installation

      Up to 12-year warranty on new boilers

      New Boiler Installation
    • Boiler Repairs

      Fixes for your existing boiler installation

      Boiler Repairs
    • Boiler Servicing

      Routine maintenance for your boiler and central heating

      Boiler Servicing
    • Smart Thermostats

      Take control of your heating remotely, saving you time and money

      Smart Thermostats
  • What our clients say
    • The issue wasn't easy to find, but the engineer methodically but quickly worked through it,

    • Angela Eden

      The guys were very professional, clean, tidy and did an excellent job.