Water Filters

Water Filters

Water Filters Could Benefit your Finances and Health

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    Advantages of a Whole House Filter:
    • Higher filtered water output – compared to a point of use filter, a whole house filter has the capacity to filter all the water needed for cooking, drinking, washing, bathing, etc.;
    • Convenience – installing and overseeing a single whole house filtration system is easier than overseeing multiple point of use filters;
    • Multiple contaminants removed at once – due to them being multi-stage filter systems, whole house water filters remove hundreds of contaminants like chlorine, VOCs, bacteria, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and many more;
    • Cost-effective – installing a whole house water filter is more economical than installing a point-of-use filter at multiple water outlets in your home;
    • Less scale – certain whole house filters have descaling effects as well, which means that you’ll experience less scale in your appliances and bathroom sanitary ware;
    • Brighter clothes and less detergent usage – with less scale in your water, the efficiency of your detergents will be improved, and you can preserve the colour and texture of your clothes;
    • Healthier baths – with a whole house filter you’ll experience healthier baths as contaminants that may cause skin irritations or that may damage your hair will be removed;
    • Flexibility – if you notice any changes in the level and type of contaminants present in your tap water, you can replace your existing water filter cartridges with other filter cartridges that can target those newfound contaminants as well.
    Disadvantages of a Whole House Water Filter:
    • Installing a whole house water filter may be more difficult than installing an under-sink water filter;
    • Maintaining a whole house water filter may require more attention, especially that any decrease in the system’s efficiency due to improper maintenance can interfere with the quality of the filtered water produced
    • Customisation of the type of filtered water (e.g. alkaline filtered water, non-scaling filtered water, etc.) can happen only for the entire system, but not for individual water outlets. To customise the type of filtration at individual water outlets, you will have to install additional under-sink filters.
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